Buenos Aires has over 280 theatres, more than any other city in the world. Head along Av. Corrientes between Av. Callao and Av. 9 de Julio and you’re in BA’s very own Broadway. The city’s theatres show everything from musicals to ballet, comedy to circuses. You can download a list of theatres in the city here.

BA’s most popular and historic theatres are the Colón, Nacional and San Martín:

Teatro Colón (Cerrito 618, San Nicolás). Often referred to in the same breath as London’s Royal Opera House and Milan’s La Scala, the Colón Theatre is a world-class venue for opera, ballet and classical music. With unparalleled acoustics and a gorgeous décor, it’s worth a peek inside if you haven’t time for a show or a guided tour. You can even follow performances live on the web by going to Teatro Colon en vivo

Teatro Nacional de Cervantes (Av. Córdoba 1155, San Nicolás). Considered the main national stage theatre in Buenos Aires, the Teatro Nacional has three performance stages. Many comedy acts perform here too.

Teatro San Martín (Av. Corrientes 1530, Montserrat). The prestigious San Martín is part of the Centro Cultural General San Martín.

International theatre is celebrated in Buenos Aires at the bi-annual FIBA (Festival International de Buenos Aires). Every other spring, theatre and dance companies from across the world converge on the city to perform in a number of theatres. For more information on the FIBA, go to the city’s Festival site.

BA has a lively and celebrated alternative theatre scene for emerging playwrights and smaller productions. Most of these theatres are located in the Almagro, San Telmo and Palermo areas and include the excellent Timbre4, La Carpintería and El Camarín de la Musas.


Info: thnaks to Ente del Turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
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